09 January 2017

Cambridge Crossbody: a closer look

Let's take a closer look at our first pattern, the Cambridge Crossbody.

"Small and Demure, but classically styled, the Cambridge Crossbody effortlessly goes where you go! 

 This small handbag is just large enough to hold your wallet, keys, sunglasses, and phone for your day about town. A zip pocket inside can hold any loose change or valuables. The outer zip closure keeps all your belongings secure and the shoulder strap means the bag is always on you, and never set down. Now you can explore your city hands-free … whether you are grabbing a coffee from the corner cafe or running to catch the subway!"

This bag has a few unique design details:

First, the bottom gusset is shaped like a diamond, which creates the "half hexagon" shape on the bottom.  This makes the bag really spacious and deep inside, while allowing for a still very simple design.  Additionally, the chunky zipper at the top really stands out (helps that it is a metal zipper), which brings a little attitude to the design.  And no bag is complete without its hardware...this bag has 2 metal rings which secure the shoulder strap and allow additional personality and bling, depending on what you choose to use.  Finally, the contrasting strap helps the outer fabric become the star of the show.

But don't you worry...inside this little bag is a zipper pocket that can hold keys, make-up, jewelry, or anything else you would like to stow securely.  And the best part of making your own bags ... you can pick a fun printed lining fabric for a little whimsy.

To give you an idea of just how much fits inside this little lady, here is an inside shot with a large wallet and a sunglasses case.  You know, the essentials.  But hopefully this highlights just how deep the bag is!  

Sew-along with photos for making the Cambridge Crossbody will be coming soon...in the meantime, the pattern can be found here!

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